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                      Alcohol Testing Meter
                      • Alcohol Testing MeterAlcohol Testing Meter

                      Alcohol Testing Meter

                      You can rest assured to buy Alcohol Testing Meter from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. A breathalyser, also known by other names such as a breathalyser or a breathalyser, is a device used to measure the concentration of alcohol (specifically ethanol) in a person's breath.

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                      Product Description

                      The product introduction of Alcohol Testing Meter

                      The high-precision Alcohol Testing Meter is a practical product for drivers, which is tailored according to the latest "new regulations on drunk driving"; according to the drinking information input by the user, it can timely test the blood alcohol concentration of the car owner, and conveniently display "drunk driving", "drinking driving" and "safety" Driving" state, and remind the time required for safe driving in different states.

                      Description of Alcohol Tester

                      The key point of the high-precision Alcohol Testing Meter is that the portable alcohol tester is small and convenient, easy to operate, and can be used after starting. It can carry out rapid detection and strong detection, and the alcohol test value is 100% accurate. High precision, strong anti-interference and no reaction to non-alcoholic vapors.

                      Five major features:
                      1. ASIC chip can measure overnight wine
                      2. Built-in purification chamber for scientific filtration
                      3. LED high-definition digital display screen
                      4. Drunkenness reminder buzzer warning
                      5. Non-contact measurement by air blowing is safer
                      Alcohol Tester Parameters

                      Product Name: Portable Alcohol Tester Material: Alloy
                      Product function: detect alcohol concentration Power supply: Type-c rechargeable
                      Measuring mode: non-contact air blowing detection blow air: 10 seconds (usually 3-5 seconds)

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