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                      Breath Analyzer Alcohol Meter
                      • Breath Analyzer Alcohol MeterBreath Analyzer Alcohol Meter

                      Breath Analyzer Alcohol Meter

                      You can purchase our Breath Analyzer Alcohol Meter with confidence from our factory, and we are committed to providing you with excellent after-sales service and prompt delivery. A breathalyzer, also referred to as a breathalyzer or alcohol breath tester, is a device designed to measure the concentration of alcohol, specifically ethanol, in a person's breath.

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                      Product Description

                      The product introduction of Breath Alcohol Test

                      You can buy Breath Analyzer Alcohol Meter from our factory without any doubt. The breath alcohol tester is a highly reliable and accurate testing device. Its core component uses high-tech tiny oxide semiconductors, which can accurately measure the alcohol content in gas without being interfered by non-alcoholic gases such as smoke, cola, and coffee. It is small, portable and easy to operate, making it the first choice for portable applications.

                      Description of Breath Alcohol Tester

                      This breathalyzer uses an ASIC chip to measure overnight alcohol levels. The built-in purification chamber undergoes scientific filtration to retain alcohol, remove impurities, and retain only alcohol components. The Breath Analyzer Alcohol Meter quality flows from top to bottom, automatically removing impurities. This detection method is more accurate and stable, has strong anti-interference ability, and the detection value is fast and accurate.
                      High-capacity lithium battery is used for cycle charging, which breaks the traditional battery power supply, and has a worry-free battery life and a longer lifespan.

                      There is no need for blowpipe blowing detection, which avoids the growth of bacteria in blowpipe blowing and non-contact measurement is healthier.
                      Five major features:
                      1. ASIC chip can measure overnight wine
                      2. Built-in purification chamber for scientific filtration
                      3. LED high-definition digital display screen
                      4. Drunkenness reminder buzzer warning
                      5. Non-contact measurement by air blowing is safer

                      Parameters of breath alcohol tester:

                      Product Name: Portable Alcohol Tester Material: Alloy
                      Product function: detect alcohol concentration Power supply: Type-c rechargeable
                      Measuring mode: non-contact air blowing detection blow air: 10 seconds (usually 3-5 seconds)

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