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                      Car Air Purifier Oil Aroma Diffuser
                      • Car Air Purifier Oil Aroma DiffuserCar Air Purifier Oil Aroma Diffuser

                      Car Air Purifier Oil Aroma Diffuser

                      We extend a warm welcome to visit our factory and explore our latest, cost-effective, high-quality Car Air Purifier Oil Aroma Diffuser. This multifaceted device serves the dual purpose of enhancing the air quality and creating a pleasant ambiance within your vehicle. By combining the functionalities of an air purifier and an aroma diffuser, it offers a versatile solution for your car.

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                      Product Description

                      Product Introduction of Rotary Car Fragrance Diffuser

                      You are cordially invited to visit our factory and explore our latest, competitively priced, and high-quality Car Air Purifier Oil Aroma Diffuser. This innovative car diffuser actively disperses fragrances with the help of turbo blades and an air intake from the side, ensuring the safe, eco-friendly release of delightful scents.

                      The top cover is equipped with a solar panel that provides all the necessary power to emit these fragrances. The diffuser autonomously distributes scents, making it an elegant and convenient addition to your car's interior decor.

                      Constructed from a combination of aluminum alloy and plating, it serves as an attractive and stylish ornament for your car's center console, particularly when placed behind the windshield. It effectively utilizes solar energy to maintain its operation.

                      With original natural plant-based fragrances available, it caters to a wide range of preferences, offering options like Yelan Black pure cologne and cherry blossom powder with light floral and fruity notes.

                      Product Parameters of Rotary Car Diffuser

                      This Car Air Purifier Oil Aroma Diffuser utilizes energy-harvesting panels, enabling it to proactively harness light without requiring recharging or plugging in. The rotating mechanism accelerates the dispersion of fragrance.

                      It incorporates imported aromatic compounds and natural plant extracts, free from alcohol-based stimulants. This ensures a safe and healthy fragrance that's environmentally friendly and suitable for use by pregnant women and children.

                      These aromatherapy ornaments maintain their effectiveness for a full year, allowing you to enjoy fresh air whenever and wherever you need it. This helps relax your weary body and mind.

                      Product parameters of car aromatherapy machine

                      Name: Planetary Car Aroma Diffuser Material: all alloy
                      Product color: Yelan black, cherry blossom powder, eternal silver
                      Fragrance: Cologne Oceanic Perfume Product number:XP-1
                      Product Efficacy: Eliminates peculiar smell and fragrance Size: Medium 90×57mm
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