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                      Car Cup Holder Ashtray
                      • Car Cup Holder AshtrayCar Cup Holder Ashtray

                      Car Cup Holder Ashtray

                      Rest assured as we are a professional manufacturer of high-quality Car Cup Holder Ashtrays, and we are ready to provide you with exceptional products. When you purchase from our factory, you can expect top-notch after-sales service and punctual delivery. Our car cup holder ashtray is a versatile and convenient accessory for your vehicle, ensuring a clean and organized space for ash disposal when you smoke in your car.

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                      Product Description

                      The product introduction of Car Cup Holder Ashtray

                      As a professional manufacturer specializing in high-quality Car Cup Holder Ashtrays, we guarantee your satisfaction with our products. When you choose to purchase from our factory, you can rely on excellent after-sales service and prompt delivery. With a car ashtray at your disposal, you can bid farewell to the problem of your car being filled with ash while smoking.

                      Our car cup holder ashtray is crafted from safe and environmentally friendly flame-retardant materials. It features a detachable design for easy cleaning. Additionally, it boasts sophisticated ambient lighting that activates automatically when you open the lid. The pleasant LED ambient light enhances your smoking experience, especially during nighttime drives.

                      Product Description of Car Cup Holder Ashtray

                      The car cup holder ashtray is a deformed steel that can be changed in the car. When you smoke in the car, it can hold your ashtray. A Car Cup Holder Ashtray is a convenient accessory for smokers in vehicles. It is designed to fit into the cup holder of a car, allowing easy access and disposal of cigarette ash and butts. These ashtrays often come with additional features such as LED lighting, a lid to contain odors, and some even include a built-in cigarette lighter for added convenience. Car Cup Holder Ashtrays help maintain a cleaner and more organized car interior for those who smoke while driving.
                      The car cup holder ashtray is made of refined aluminum alloy and aviation-grade flame-retardant materials. The combination of strengths can withstand high temperatures, and the cigarette butts will not leave traces when burned directly. The small body is more durable.

                      This car cup holder ashtray meets the needs of all smokers. The silicone ring on the inner cover is designed without leaving any gaps, which isolates the smell of smoke and is tightly closed to lock the smell of smoke. The reasonable design makes it more convenient for you to use.
                      Product parameters of car cup holder ashtray

                      brand:YUEHANGTC Name: Car ashtray
                      Product size: 70X106MM Product model: JZ-CZYHO01
                      Fixed position: car cup holder Material: aluminum alloy + flame retardant material

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