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                      Emergency Hammer Window Breaker
                      • Emergency Hammer Window BreakerEmergency Hammer Window Breaker

                      Emergency Hammer Window Breaker

                      The following is the introduction of high quality Emergency Hammer Window Breaker, hoping to help you better understand it. These tools combine a seat belt cutter and a window-breaking hammer. In emergencies, you can quickly cut your seat belt and shatter a car window to escape, making them vital for situations like accidents, submersion, or car fires.

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                      Product Description

                      Product description of the Emergency Hammer Window Breaker

                      Allow me to provide you with an introduction to the high-quality Emergency Hammer Window Breaker:

                      The Emergency Hammer Window Breaker is a critical self-rescue tool designed for use in emergency situations. It serves as a window breaker, capable of shattering a car's glass in mere seconds, and a safety cutter that can swiftly sever a jammed seat belt. This dual functionality makes it indispensable for self-rescue scenarios, including but not limited to fires and submersion.

                      The Emergency Hammer Window Breaker boasts the remarkable ability to break glass with a single click, making it an invaluable tool for instant escapes. It features a U-shaped opening design that ensures fingers cannot penetrate deeply, prioritizing safety and preventing any potential harm to the hands. The base of the tool is equipped with 3M super glue, enabling secure attachment to the car's interior. Additionally, the super glue is washable, allowing for easy maintenance and repositioning as needed.

                      Product Description of Emergency Hammer Window Breaker

                      When using the Emergency Hammer Window Breaker, it's important to target the four corners of the window glass for optimal results; it's advised to avoid striking the central area, which tends to be the most reinforced section. In some cases, the glass may have a film that prevents it from falling immediately after being broken. In such instances, it can often be dislodged by applying force with your feet. After the glass is cleared or if it falls on its own, it's crucial to promptly exit the vehicle in an organized and safe manner, moving to a secure location.

                      The Emergency Hammer Window Breaker features a tungsten steel head with a remarkable Rockwell hardness of 55, capable of easily cutting through both metal and glass. This tungsten steel head is not only robust but also highly durable. The tool's compact size makes it convenient for carrying, and its design incorporates safeguards against accidental injuries, such as a scratch-resistant exterior.

                      1. The tungsten steel head is not hard and does not hammer
                      2. Qiaoli broken window can be reused
                      3. Without fear of water pressure, the window can be broken underwater
                      4. Seat belt emergency escape is unobstructed

                      Product parameters of emergency hammer window breaker

                      Name: Vehicle-mounted emergency window breaker Material: ABS
                      Product net weight: ~21.52 Applicable: car
                      Product size: 80×37X18MM Color: elegant black
                      Functions: mechanically break windows, break windows, cut seat belts, get out of trouble

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