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How to use car aromatherapy?


1. First unscrew the car aromatherapy bottle cap (plastic part) and pull out the inner plug, then insert the ceramic core into the bottle. When using it for the first time, wait for about 1 hour to allow the ceramic core to absorb enough essential oil.

2. Tighten the bottle cap (plastic part)

3. Plug the power supply into the car cigarette lighter to use it. At this time, the plug and bottle cap indicator lights are on. You can pull out the plug when not in use. When using it in the home, you can replace the car-specific power plug with a household transformer (the household transformer must be Just buy it yourself).

4. When adding essential oils to the car aromatherapy, please pull out the ceramic core along the plastic part of the bottle mouth to avoid breaking it.

The diffuser bottle distributes the fragrance naturally. If you are not particular about it, drop two or three drops on the air-conditioning vent every time you get in the car (or drop it on toilet paper first), or drop it on the original air fragrance device (when

However, first clean up the original residual smell), or drop it on a cotton car decoration pendant to release a natural fragrance. There are also essential oil diffusers for cars.

Car aromatherapy uses a glass bottle with a spray head. You can use 100ML water + 15 drops of essential oils (1-3 kinds of essential oils are acceptable). After mixing, spray it in the car and it can be used for insecticide and sterilization. If you don't like the smell of certain essential oils, you can deworm and sterilize them after getting off the car.

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