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Where is the safest place to put a phone holder in your car?


The safest places to put a Car Phone Holder in your car are:

Left side of the windshield, below the vent: This location minimizes the obstruction to your view of the road while keeping the phone within easy reach.

Air vent: This is a convenient option as long as the mount for the air vent is secure and doesn't block the airflow.

Dash mount to the left of the driver: This keeps your phone out of your line of sight while still being accessible.

Here are some additional tips for safe phone placement in your car:

Avoid blocking your airflow vents: A blocked vent can restrict airflow and hinder your car's heating and cooling system.

Don't put your phone on the airbag: If the airbag deploys, it can launch your phone with a lot of force, causing serious injury.

Choose a Car Phone Holder that is secure and easy to use: A flimsy mount could break or cause your phone to go flying if you come to a sudden stop.

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