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How to use Ashtray in Car


Ashtray in Car is an ashtray in a car, usually placed between the driver and passenger seats or in the center armrest. Here's how to use Ashtray in Car:

Open the ashtray: Open the ashtray manually or by pressing the button.

Place the cigarette butt: Gently place the cigarette butt into the ashtray. Please note that before placing a cigarette butt, make sure it is completely extinguished.

Clean the ashtray: After using the ashtray, please open it, clean out the ashes, cigarette butts and other waste materials, and make it clean for next use.

Please note that because smoking will have a negative impact on the health of all vehicle passengers, you should close the windows when using the ashtray, smoke moderately, or put cigarette butts and ash into the ashtray as much as possible to avoid the scattering of ashes and ash. It is best to avoid smoking in the car as long as it does not disturb other people. This will not only ensure the air quality and environmental sanitation in the car, but also reduce damage and pollution to items in the car.

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