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How to use Phone Car Mount


How to use Phone Car Mount as follows:

Get your Phone Car Mount and mobile phone ready

Turn on the vehicle's emergency brake to ensure the vehicle does not move.

Choose a stable surface on your car's dashboard or windshield so the bracket won't fall off.

Attach the bracket to the surface of your choice, pressing and holding the bracket against the surface.

Adjust the stand to make sure the brackets on the phone support match your phone.

Insert your phone into the bracket on the holder, making sure it is securely attached to the car.

Now you can attach your phone to your car and use it to navigate, listen to music, and more.

Note: When using the Phone Car Mount, you must ensure that it is safe and convenient and will not hinder your driving vision. At the same time, use it reasonably and do not play with or operate your mobile phone to avoid affecting driving safety.

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