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                      Rechargeable Cordless Car Vacuumvacuumsr
                      • Rechargeable Cordless Car VacuumvacuumsrRechargeable Cordless Car Vacuumvacuumsr

                      Rechargeable Cordless Car Vacuumvacuumsr

                      As a reputable manufacturer, we are pleased to introduce our Rechargeable Cordless Car Vacuumvacuumsr to you. This innovative device, commonly referred to as a car vacuum cleaner or auto vacuum, has been purposefully crafted for the meticulous cleaning of your vehicle's interior. It proves to be a convenient and efficient solution for eliminating dust, dirt, debris, crumbs, pet hair, and other minuscule particles that tend to accumulate within your car.

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                      Product Description

                      Product Introduction of Car Handy Vacuum Cleaner

                      In our capacity as a seasoned manufacturer, we are eager to offer you our Rechargeable Cordless Car Vacuumvacuumsr. This practical vacuum cleaner for vehicles is designed for ease of use – it's lightweight, compact, and highly portable. It can effortlessly draw power from your car's cigarette lighter socket or operate on a rechargeable battery, ensuring a versatile and effective cleaning experience.

                      Product Description of Car Handy Vacuum Cleaner
                      Convenient car vacuum cleaner: The Rechargeable Cordless Car Vacuumvacuumsr is undoubtedly the best item for cleaning the car. We often open the car window to let a lot of dust float in, which plays a very good role in the vacuuming of the car and the maintenance of the leather.

                      Compared with other ordinary vacuum cleaners on the market, the new smart top-equipped upgraded vacuum cleaner has five advantages. It can easily clean up the paper scraps, waste and some mites that are invisible to the naked eye. become cleaner.
                      1.8 air ducts and energy-gathering pneumatic layout increase the dust collection efficiency by 99.9%Certainly, let's express those points differently:With a system featuring 8 air ducts and an energy-focused pneumatic arrangement, our vacuum boasts an astounding 99.9% enhancement in dust collection efficiency.Thanks to its innovative 45-degree angle turbine-type double-blade design, the adsorption force has been impressively doubled, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.The vector turbofan motor, with its optimized design, now provides an 80% boost in suction power for more effective cleaning.At the core of our vacuum's technology is the integration of dual Al intelligent frequency conversion chips on the top, resulting in a remarkable 3600% power savings and significantly extended battery life.Featuring top-tier mite removal technology, our vacuum achieves an impressive 99.9% improvement in mite removal efficacy, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. 5. The top-equipped mite removal technology improves the mite removal effect by 99.9%

                      Product parameters of the vehicle-mounted convenient vacuum cleaner

                      Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner Color: navy blue, white
                      Battery: 5000mAh/7.4v Power: 90w
                      Size: 186*88mm Net weight: 370g
                      Material: ABS fireproof material Input: 5v-2A

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