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                      Tyre Pump Halfords
                      • Tyre Pump HalfordsTyre Pump Halfords

                      Tyre Pump Halfords

                      As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Tyre Pump Halfords. We follow the principle of assured quality and series price and are happy to serve you.

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                      Product Description

                      Product Introduction of Portable Air Compressor for Tires

                      As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Tyre Pump Halfords. The portable tire air compressor air pump is small in size, easy to carry in the car or with you, easy to use and effortless, and does not need to be plugged in to lead electricity. It provides long-lasting power through the built-in battery, and completes pressure measurement and monitoring with the built-in smart chip. Preset preparation, automatic charging and stopping.

                      Product Description of Portable Tire Air Compressor

                      Portable tire air compressor air pump is also called inflator, air pump, and inflator. It works through the operation of a motor and is an inflation tool. Air pumps are used more and more widely. There is no need to connect the power supply to inflate, and the appearance is very beautiful. It can be placed with the car and used immediately.
                      Most of the wireless portable air pumps have flexible gear adjustment, whether it is a car, SUV, or a bicycle or motorcycle, they can be used flexibly, and they are widely used in various application scenarios, which are very popular among travelers today.
                      Over-current and over-discharge protection, double heat dissipation system, the current can be automatically cut off in case of abnormality to protect the machine from damage. Invisible storage slot design, convenient and beautiful storage.
                      Triple cooling and long-lasting charging without getting hot:
                      1. Double mesh heat dissipation, increase heat dissipation speed.
                      2. The diameter of the built-in pump is lengthened to reduce heat.
                      3. The spiral fan accelerates the air flow and heat dissipation.
                      Product Parameters of Portable Tire Air Compressor

                      Product Name: Smart air pump Standard tire pressure: 2.5bar
                      Product capacity: 5000mAh Usb adapter: Type-c

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