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                      Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car
                      • Mini Vacuum Cleaner for CarMini Vacuum Cleaner for Car

                      Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car

                      As a seasoned manufacturer, we are pleased to offer you our Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Cars, complete with top-notch after-sale service and punctual delivery. With versatile air nozzles, it can efficiently clean even the most concealed and compact spaces, ensuring an effective and thorough cleaning and dust removal process.

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                      Product Description

                      Product Introduction of Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner

                      In our role as professional manufacturers, we aim to provide you with a Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car, accompanied by top-tier after-sale service and prompt delivery. The growing popularity of smart and convenient vacuum cleaners in both vehicles and office spaces is driven by the understanding that the compact confines within cars foster the accumulation of dust and bacteria, which, if not regularly addressed, can adversely impact human health. To comprehensively clean the vehicle's interior, every nook and cranny must be considered, and this is where a vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner proves invaluable. Its adaptable air nozzles are configured to effectively clean even the smallest, hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning and dust removal.

                      Product Description of Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner
                      Our Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car is a cutting-edge, intelligent device equipped with AI technology, offering powerful suction and a large-capacity dual-use design for both car and home use. Its innovative 8-channel pneumatic layout enhances dust collection efficiency by an impressive 99.9%, while the three H12-level air intake structures effectively capture and intercept fine dust, preventing dust dispersion. Furthermore, its 45° angle turbine-type double fan blades provide a 100% boost in adsorption capacity, specifically targeting dust and hair in hard-to-reach 90° angles, ensuring a thorough and stain-free cleaning experience.
                      Our vacuum's top features an Al intelligent frequency conversion dual chip setup, utilizing dual-core technology with ten cores. When dealing with large particles of dust, it generates substantial pressure to ensure effective vacuuming. For finer dust, it employs electrostatic adsorption to eliminate dust and mites. The integrated mite removal technology enhances mite removal by an impressive 99.9%, efficiently eliminating mites to prevent secondary pollution. It can rapidly suction all types of debris, providing a deep clean for gravel, debris, hair, dust, and more. Its compact, portable design takes up just one-third the space of a traditional Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Car, offering convenient use anytime, anywhere.

                      The installation and removal steps are simple:
                      1. Unscrew the dust bin counterclockwise
                      2. Take out the filter
                      3. Take out the trash

                      Product parameters of wireless car vacuum cleaner

                      Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner Color: navy blue, white
                      Battery: 5000mAh/7.4v Power: 90w
                      Size: 186*88mm Net weight: 370g
                      Material: ABS fireproof material Input: 5v-2A

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