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Mini Diffuser manufacturing process


The manufacturing process of Mini Diffuser typically involves the following steps:

First, the CAD drawings of the Diffuser shell need to be designed and produced, taking into account factors such as aesthetics, practicality, and manufacturing cost.

According to the CAD drawing, use an injection molding machine to inject the shell according to the design requirements, or make the structure of the shell according to the material requirements. The materials are usually wear-resistant, high-temperature and fire-resistant engineering plastics or metals.

Make or purchase the circuit boards and parts needed for Diffuser, including bottom LED light sheets, motors, fans, water tanks, sensors and displays, etc.

Assemble the shell and parts according to the design drawings, and fix the circuit boards and parts in the shell one by one.

After completing the assembly, quality inspection is performed to ensure that the Mini Diffuser operates stably and can produce a stable atomization effect.

Finally, the product is packaged, including instructions, power supply, atomizer tablets, cleaning cloth, etc. Usually packaging and printing also need to be customized according to brand and market needs.

The above is the general process of the Mini Diffuser manufacturing process. The specific steps and details may be different.

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