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Which car air pump is best?


While driving, sometimes you encounter insufficient air pressure in the wheels. At this time, it is not easy to find a place to inflate. Therefore, many car owners will carry a portable air pump on the car with them so that they can be used at any time. Which car air pump is best? First, check whether the accessories of the air pump are complete, secondly, select according to the car model and needs, then check the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge, and finally, check the function of the on-board air pump. Let’s learn about the selection and use of a car air pump. 1. Which car air pump is better?

1. First check whether the accessories of the air pump are complete.

In addition to the host air pump, the high-quality car air pumps currently on the market are also equipped with many other practical accessories according to the needs of use, which can provide other help when inflating tires, such as flashlights or lights for lighting, and various other accessories. Each car model has inflating nozzles, inflating tubes, and some are equipped with tools for car repairs, etc., which are quite complete. These are all things that everyone needs to understand clearly when purchasing.

2. Secondly, choose according to the car model and needs.

At present, car air pumps can be divided into two types, namely horizontal bar and parallel bar. Generally, the disadvantages of horizontal bar car air pumps are insufficient air pressure and long inflation time. It is more difficult to inflate larger cars, but the price will be cheaper. Although the parallel-bar air pump is slightly more expensive, it has sufficient air pressure and can inflate quickly. Whether it is an ordinary family car, a large commercial vehicle, or an off-road vehicle, there will be no problem with inflating it. It is recommended that friends with financial conditions allow it to buy parallel bars as much as possible. car air pump.

3. Next, check the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge.

In order to make the data more accurate and stable during inflation, the accuracy of the tire pressure gauge cannot be ignored. In the past, the old tire pressure gauges used the model of separating the gauge and the machine, which resulted in poor data accuracy. However, the current tire pressure gauges of major brands all use embedded integrated ones. Optimized design can prevent the tire pressure gauge from being bumped and loosened, causing inaccurate measurement data.

4. Finally, we need to look at the function of the car air pump.

There are two commonly used functions of car air pumps on the market. One is only used for inflating and is used to pump the wheels, while the other is used for both inflating and vacuuming. Of course, Dual-purpose car air pumps are more expensive than inflatable ones. You can choose according to your own needs. If it is mainly used for inflating, there is no need to spend more money to buy a dual-purpose car air pump. 

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