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                      Small Vacuum for Car
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                      Small Vacuum for Car

                      As a professional high quality Small Vacuum for Car manufacturer, you can rest assured to buy it from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Some car vacuums can be quite noisy. If you prefer a quieter cleaning experience, look for models with lower decibel ratings.

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                      Product Description

                      Product Introduction of Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner

                      As a professional high quality Small Vacuum for Car manufacturer, Why do more and more people like to equip smart and convenient vacuum cleaners in their cars or office areas? Due to the narrow space inside cars, dust and bacteria are easy to accumulate. If cleaning and dust removal are not carried out regularly, it will have a negative impact on human health. To clean the compartment/interior, every corner must be considered. At this time, a vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner is used. Different air nozzles can be configured to clean any small dark corners to ensure the effect of cleaning and dust removal.

                      Product Description of Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner
                      Our mini car vacuum cleaner is a brand-new smart AI top-equipped upgraded vacuum cleaner, with strong and super suction, imported motor upgrade smart AI chip super large capacity dual-use for car and home.

                      With the 8-channel energy-gathering pneumatic layout, the dust collection efficiency is increased by 99.9%, and the three H12-level air intake structures can efficiently inhale and intercept fine dust in the middle section, and are not easy to generate dust.

                      The 45° angle turbine-type double fan blades have a 100% increase in adsorption capacity, and are specially designed for dust and hair in the 90° dead angle, cleaning thoroughly without leaving stains.
                      The top is equipped with Al intelligent frequency conversion dual chips, and the dual core tops ten cores. When the dust becomes large particles, it will become a large pressure and continue to vacuum.

                      When the dust is fine, it will become electrostatic adsorption to remove dust and mites. The top-equipped mite removal technology improves the mite removal effect by 99.9%. It efficiently vacuums and removes mites to avoid secondary pollution. It can suck all kinds of garbage in seconds, and can deeply clean gravel, debris, hair, dust, etc. in one pass.

                      Small and portable, it can be placed anywhere, only one-third the size of a traditional vacuum cleaner, ready to use anytime, anywhere.

                      The installation and removal steps are simple:
                      1. Unscrew the dust bin counterclockwise
                      2. Take out the filter
                      3. Take out the trash

                      Product parameters of wireless car vacuum cleaner

                      Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner Color: navy blue, white
                      Battery: 5000mAh/7.4v Power: 90w
                      Size: 186*88mm Net weight: 370g
                      Material: ABS fireproof material Input: 5v-2A

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